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C-IED Training Devices

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System Safety

Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
System Safety Program IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 101 LOE-based
System Safety Program Plan IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 102 $28k
System Safety Program Reviews/Audits IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 104 $20-50k
System Safety Group / System Safety Working Group Support IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 105 LOE-based
Hazard Tracking and Risk Resolution IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 106 LOE-based
System Safety Progress Summary IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 107 included in Task 101
Launch Safety Program Requirements IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 108 $20-50k
Test Hazard Analysis Safety IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 109 $40-60k
Preliminary Hazard List (PHL) IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 201 $15-40k
Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 202 $25-75k
Safety Requirements / Criteria Analysis IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 203 System-specific
Subsystem Hazard Analysis (SSHA) IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 204 $50k
Safety Hazard Analysis (SHA) IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 205 PHA + $25-75k
Operations & Support Hazard Analysis IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 206 $50-100k
Health Hazard Assessment IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 207 $50-100k
Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA) IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 208 $40-60K
Critical Safety Items List IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 209 System specific
Safety Assessment (with data available) IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 301 $50-100k
Test and Evaluation Safety IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 302 $30-150k
Safety Review of Engineering Change Proposals, Specification of Change Notices, Software Problem Reports, and Requests for Deviations / Waivers IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 303 $5-25k per change or LOE-based
Safety Verification IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 401 LOE-based
Safety Compliance Assessment IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 402 LOE-based
Explosives Hazard Classification and Characteristics Data IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 403 LOE-based
Explosives Ordance Disposal Source Data IAW MIL-STD-882D Task 404 $35k
Failure Modes and Effects (Criticality) Analysis (FME(C)A) - Functional, System, Design, Process   $25-100k
Event Tree Analysis (ETA)   $10-50k
Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)   $10-100k
Cause-Consequence Analysis (CCA)   $10-50k
Mishap / Accident Investigation   $15-50k
Hazard Tracking System (tailored) Development of system $55k
Hazard Tracking System Entry of data LOE-based
Quantitative (Probabilistic) Risk Assessment   $25-100k
Threat Hazard Assessment   $50-75k
System Safety Management Plan    $28k
Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)   $50-100k

Explosives Safety

Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
Explosives Site Plan IAW DoD 6055.9-STD $25-50k
Final Hazard Classification Package IAW TB 700-2 $10-30k
Interim Hazard Classification Package IAW TB 700-2 $10k
Final Explosives Hazard Classification Test Support IAW TB 700-2 $100k
Interim Explosives Hazard Classification Test Support IAW TB 700-2 $25k
SAFER Site Risk Study IAW DoD 6055.9-STD $15-50k
Explosives Test Planning   Test-specific
Explosives Test Monitoring   Test-specific
Quantitative (Probabilistic) Risk Assessment   $25-100k
Explosives Accident Investigation and Modelling or Simulation   $50-150k
Pre-Operational Facility Survey   $30-60k
Pre-production Facility Review/Inspection   $30-60k
Detailed IM Test Plan   $50-100k
Post-test Quicklook Report   $10-25k
Post-test Final Report   $25-40k
Threat Hazard Assessment   $50-75k

Software Development

Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
Software Requirements Specification   $15-50k
Software Design Document   $15-60k
Software Test Plan / Procedures and Testing   $20-100k
Preparation of Users Manual   $15-40k
CSCI Software Product (includes four above and coding)   $40-150k
User Support Plan   LOE-based
Software IV&V   System-specific

Flight Safety

Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
Collision Avoidance and Space Asset Risk Evaluation   $20-75k
Test requirements traceability   $20-40k
Test program feasibility   $50-100k
Trajectory/scenario development   $5-25k
National range universal documentation system development   LOE-based
Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of Flight and Ground Safety Hazards to Personnel and Assets   $30-200k
Range Safety System Evaluation   $40-100k
Vehicle Breakup Modeling for Destruct and Intercept Debris   $10-40k
User Flight Termination System Design/Performance Assessment   $25-75k
Independent Assessment of Range Safety Issues   Issue-specific
Ordnance Firing Circuit Evaluation   $15-40k
Hazardous Procedures Validation   LOE-based
Vehicle Malfunction Probability Assessment   $10-30k
Safety System Reliability Assessment   $20-50k
Ground Risk from Malfunction during Orbital Insertion   $50-100k

Other Analyses

Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
Reliability, availability, and maintainability analysis   $25-75k
Product and process test design and analysis   $25-75k
Finite Element Analysis   $25-100k
Policy, regulations, and standards development   LOE-based


Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
Principles of System Safety Engineering 4 days at SEAC  $1495 per student
Advanced System Safety Training 3 days at SEAC  $1295 per student
IMESAFR Training 3 days at SEAC  $1800 per student
System Safety for Decision Makers 1/2 day at SEAC  As negotiated
Software System Safety    As negotiated
Missile Flight Safety    As negotiated
Ground Safety    As negotiated
SAFER Training 2 days at SEAC, includes software  $1200 per student
Tailored training at customer site    As negotiated

Graphic Design

Service Supplemental Description Typical Price*
Website Design   $5-40k
Brochure Design   $1-2k
Publication Printing/Tape Binding   Size-based
Document Developing/Publishing   $3-12k

Point of Contact

Tom Pfitzer 256.327.3373

Tom Pfitzer is the Founder and President of A-P-T Research, Inc. Mr. Pfitzer holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering (System Safety Option) from Texas A&M University. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Intern Program in Safety Engineering. He has 19 years service in the safety career field for the U.S. Army. Mr. Pfitzer has over 25 years in System Safety, Range Safety, and Risk Analysis. He has held various positions in safety and risk assessment both in Huntsville, AL and Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. He has provided key leadership advice to U.S. Government agencies that are in the process of promulgating new risk-based standards. They include the National Range Commander's Council (RCC), which recently published a risk-based standard for debris protection, and the government/contractor team that developed a risk-based standard for the DoD Explosive Safety Board. This board sets national policy for explosives safety. He has served as a US member of the expert-working group that recently prepared the NATO risk-based standard. His management efforts to expand System Safety concepts and methods into other safety disciplines resulted in the 1999 Manager of the Year Award from the International System Safety Society.