MiDAESS Proposal

A-P-T Research, Inc. is pleased to announce its intent to submit a proposal as the Prime for the Quality, Safety & Mission Assurance function of the MiDAESS contract in support of MDA. APT is an employee-owned small business based in Huntsville, Alabama. APT welcomes the addition of teammates and personnel.

During the last three years, APT has provided MDA support averaging over 22 MYE per year, with support from 59 APT employees. This footprint is larger than any other small business with specialty in QS&MA. This has led to our decision to offer our services as the Prime Contractor on the MiDAESS QS&MA contract.

APT provides a full spectrum of QS&MA services with specific expertise in independent analyses and recommendations in systems engineering, quantitative risk assessment, test planning, range safety, system safety, software system safety, explosives safety, industrial and quality engineering, reliability, software development and modeling, and training.

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