MiDAESS Proposal Update

Teaming Approach

A-P-T Research, Inc. (APT) recognizes a need to offer a variety of talents central to the QS&MA mission for this proposal. Accordingly, APT is taking a “Big Tent” approach and openly invites all incumbent companies and personnel to join APT’s team. APT is in discussions with over 20 companies with recognized capability in the QS&MA areas to form our MiDAESS team.

For this procurement, potential OCI is a major consideration. APT has developed a multi-layered approach that will protect all parties from OCI.

OCI Planning

APT’s OCI Mitigation/Avoidance Plan is among the first to be reviewed by the government contracting team. We hope to obtain feedback within the week and will report the results on this site.

Our planning involves multiple layers. The first layer is to avoid OCI issues at the prime contractor level. Also called the “Washington Post” test, this test can be conducted by examination of the business base of the company. If a company builds, designs, operates or is working as a part of the system development contractors team, wherein it might evaluate its own work, it has a possible OCI. If a company’s business base is such that a MiDAESS win might make it susceptible to purchase by a larger company, it has a potential OCI. APT’s OCI plan is designed to protect the MDA and its contractors from these accusations or improprieties by assuring that work is only assigned to organizations where no OCIs exist. APT’s plan provides this protection.

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