MiDAESS Proposal Update

On April 9, APT hosted a kick-off meeting for the MiDAESS QS&MA team. This meeting represented a milestone in that the team building phase is essentially complete as we await the proposal preparation phase.

Over 35 companies will be offering services in the QS&MA area via the APT Team. This includes 13 companies in the current MDA QS&MA workforce. Over 20 additional companies are included on the team, each with value added in the QS&MA area.

This team building ffort is in direct response to General O’Reilly’s request to offer the best and brightest national capability for an enterprise wide solution. The overall team strategy is to posture this team to be ready and able to be responsive to any work which is made available in the QS&MA area no matter how task orders may be bundled.

Bob Lewis Associates
Engineering Analysis, Inc. (EAI)
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