APT to Bid on AMCOM EXPRESS Contract

APT is pleased to announce its intent to submit a proposal as a Prime Contractor for the AMCOM EXPRESS Re-greening Technical Domain in support of AMCOM, PEO Aviation, AMRDEC and Redstone Proper. APT welcomes the addition of teammates and subcontractors.

Over the length of the AMCOM EXPRESS contract, APT has provided AMCOM support through team member and subcontractor roles. This footprint is larger than any other small business with specialty in QS&MA. This has led to our decision to offer our services as a Prime Contractor on the AMCOM EXPRESS Re-greening Technical Domain contract. We will be submitting as a Small Business.

As a historical note of perspective, APT bid on this effort in 2008 and finished eighth out of seven winners. Since that time, APT has doubled in size, built successful teams with the nation’s leading defense suppliers, and prepared winning proposals for MDA, SMDC, and NASA.  This leaves us with good confidence that we have an excellent chance in this competition.

APT is an employee-owned small business based in Huntsville, Alabama. APT provides a full spectrum of engineering services with specific expertise in independent analyses and recommendations in systems engineering, quantitative risk assessment, test planning, range safety, system safety, software system safety, explosives safety, industrial and quality engineering, reliability, software development and modeling, and training.

For information on joining the APT Team, please contact us at 256-327-3373, aptinfo@apt-research.com.

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