APT Attends the 8th IAASS Conference

APT employees attend the Gala Dinner
held at Kennedy Space Center.

Several A-P-T Research, Inc., employees recently attended the 8th International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) Conference in Melbourne, FL. The theme of the 8th IAASS Conference, “Safety First, Safety for All,” is reflective of a corporate principal of APT. The conference served as an opportunity for international participants to reflect and exchange information on a number of topics concerning space safety. APT was honored to present several papers at the conference. Ms. Leslie Alford presented a paper entitled, “Proposal for a Governing Space Safety Treaty Organization,” and Ms. Megan Stroud presented a paper entitled, “The Evolution of Continuing Education & Training for Safety & Mission Assurance Professionals.” Mr. Mark Raysich also co-authored a paper for the conference entitled, “You Can’t Reach for the Stars if You are Tripping Over the Ground! (Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls).” The two days prior to the conference, APT hosted a workshop for the IAASS Launch & Reentry Safety Technical Committee, which is chaired by APT President, Tom Pfitzer. For more information about the IAASS, please visit their website at http://iaass.space-safety.org/

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