Upcoming International Space Station Payloads Design and Operations Safety Training Course

Kayser Italia, Livorno (Tuscany), Italy
Course Duration: 3 days, 14-16 February 2018

T. Sgobba (ESA Ret. – Flight Safety Chair)
P. Kirkpatrick (NASA Ret. – Ground Safety Chair)

The Challenge: The course is designed to provide the participant with an understanding of safety requirements, procedures and processes that are used for design and operations of payloads for the International Space Station. 

Scope of the course: This course is designed as a guide to the ISS payload/cargo safety review process. The student will gain an understanding of the applicable safety documents and key safety technical requirements, of payload/cargo safety as it relates to the overall development and integration process, how the payload/cargo safety review process works, and the roles and responsibilities of the various players. In addition, the student will be instructed in the hands-on fundamentals of hazard analysis, hazard documentation, and presentation to the Payload Safety Review Panel.
Target Audience:

  • Safety engineers and managers, system engineers, QA personnel, project managers responsible for development, integration and operation of payloads/cargo for ISS;
  • Other technical discipline personnel who contribute to the design and operations of ISS payload/cargo and need to understand the process by which hazards are identified and controlled.


What You Will Learn:

  • Why safety management is important
  • The safety culture and philosophy
  • The safety documentation
  • Where to find requirements
  • Basic hazard analysis techniques
  • How to identify hazards
  • Common mistakes
  • The Phased Review Process
  • How to prepare for the Safety Panel Meeting
How You Will Learn It:

  • Verbal instructions using Power Point Presentations
  • Videos & Photographs
  • Case studies
  • Group exercises & problem solving
  • Preparing/completing forms
  • Mock presentation to safety panel
Why You Need to Know this:

  • To design your payload/cargo for safety
  • To understand the significance and procedures of the safety process
  • To identify resources for implementing payload safety
  • To know what the ISS Payload Safety Review Panel (PSRP) expects from you
  • To get safety certification to fly
What You Will Take With You:

  • The course e-binder including presentation  and selected set of reference documents.
  • Certificate of Course Completion.
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