About APT

APT is an engineering services company with employees who combine excellence in their disciplines with enthusiasm, versatility, and willingness to “pitch in” wherever needed to support customers, and to perform the many functions of a small company. Employees share ownership in the company and participate in corporate planning and operation. We are both motivated and empowered to provide optimum, flexible support to customers.

Since APT’s incorporation in June 1990, the officers have carefully and deliberately built the company’s strong technical and administrative infrastructure. Experienced engineers have been chosen to lead project areas, policies and procedures have been developed to address the diverse aspects of contracting and administration, and support personnel have been selected to fill specialty roles. APT proudly continues to provide top-quality services to satisfied and loyal customers.

A unique feature of APT is that we use and have developed a variety of software, models, and analytical tools for evaluating hazards and risks in the areas of explosives safety, flight safety, ground safety, and environmental engineering.

Mission & Vision

APT’s mission is to deliver safe, reliable, and innovative Analysis, Planning, & Test solutions and services that exceed expectations, build employee pride of ownership, and optimize shareholder value.

Our corporate values are:

  • Teamwork: Together we make a difference

  • Ownership: If it is to be, it is up to me

  • Execution: Get stuff done right


APT’s corporate vision is to be the most nationally-respected safety and technical engineering services provider to the U.S. Government and our commercial clients.

We strive to foster an employee-owned culture based upon exceptional ethical behavior that supports our team members, recognizes exceptional performance, and delivers on customer commitments.

ISO Certification

On July 12, 2010 APT obtained  ISO 9001:2008 certification. This was APT’s first attempt to obtain this certification, and the maturity of the processes was indicated by the fact that there were no adverse findings causing the auditor to delay certification or APT to revise their processes. The systems at APT supporting this service have been developed over the last two decades. Processes that were audited include Human Resources, Administration (e.g., Security), Purchasing, Contracting, Accounting, Publications, and Product Development. APT’s ISO 9001:2015 certification includes the unique statement, “A-P-T Research, Inc., has established and maintains a quality management system for the delivery of products and engineering services for safety, quality, mission assurance, testing, analysis, hardware prototyping and training on a global basis to Government and industrial organizations.”

About Our Logo

APT was founded with the fundamental understanding that defense testing follows a unique sequence of analysis, planning, testing, and once again, analysis.


At the first step in the test and evaluation process, system analyses define the operating concepts and performance requirements which must be evaluated.


The second step is planning for the test process. Multiple engineering and support activities are needed. Activities include developing the test program; defining test constraints such as treaties, range safety and environmental impact; defining specific test scenarios and targets; developing data needed to support the program; and coordinating plans among all involved agencies.


Test is the third step in the sequence. Ground tests build toward flight tests. Results from these, in turn, validate hardware in the loop (HWIL) simulations.


Since some defense systems cannot be fully tested, the final proof lies in the same types of system analyses which define the requirements. The difference, however, is that this time the models have been validated by testing.



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