APT Corporate Officers

Tom Pfitzer

Founder/Chairman of the Board

George Gafka

Chief Executive Officer

Meredith Hardwick

Executive VP, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Saralyn Dwyer

Executive VP, Chief of Staff (COS)

Jamie McLean

VP, Director of Aerospace
S&MA Division

Melissa Emery

VP, Director of Safety Engineering
& Analysis Center (SEAC)

John Tatom

VP, Director of Explosives
Safety & Test Division

Clark Kilgore

VP, Director of System
Safety & Test Division

Jeff Richards

Director of Software
Engineering Division

Bob Baker

VP, Chief Analyst

John Hall

Chief of Certifications & Standards

Carolyn King

Human Resources Director

Board of Directors

  • Tom Pfitzer
  • George Gafka
  • Saralyn Dwyer
  • Meredith Hardwick
  • Pete Yutmeyer
  • John Wynn
  • John Frost
  • Lisa Williams