Contractor Capabilities for OASIS

  • System Safety. APT’s System Safety capabilities include performing and developing system safety analyses and programs, performing and reviewing hazard analyses, preparing reliability and fault tree analyses, developing and maintaining hazard tracking systems, and conducting system safety training.
  • Flight Test Planning. APT’s Flight Test Planning capabilities include test requirements traceability, test program feasibility, trajectory/scenario development, and national range UDS document development.
  • Risk Analysis. Quantitative Risk Analyses are developed in support of systems, ranges, and explosives safety.
  • Range Safety. APT’s Range Safety capabilities include quantitative risk assessment of flight and ground safety hazards, collision avoidance and spacecraft debris risks, range safety system evaluation, user flight termination system design/performance assessment, independent assessment of range safety issues, vehicle breakup modeling for destruct and intercept debris, hazardous procedures validation, evaluation of safety/quality procedures, and vehicle malfunction and safety system reliability assessment.
  • Software System Safety. APT’s Software System Safety capabilities include planning and implementation of  software system safety programs, performing and evaluating hazard analyses, secretariat support for software system safety working groups, performing  independent software safety assessments, planning and implementation of software safety metrics programs, and conducting software system safety training.
  • Standards Development. APT has assisted safety organizations in developing concisely written safety standards at the installation, organization, and national levels including RCC standards, DoD standards, and NATO procedures. APT has also assisted in developing multiple regulations at the Service and Installation levels.
  • Explosives Safety. APT provides Planning and Support, Explosives Testing, Final Hazard Classifications, Interim Hazard Classification Support, Insensitive Munitions/Final Hazard Classification Test Plan Development, Explosives Site Plan Development/Support, Insensitive Munitions Support, and Site Analyses using the APT-developed software tools, Institute of Makers of Explosives Safety Analysis for Risk (IMESAFR©), Safety Assessment for Explosives Risk (SAFER©) and Analysis of Death and Injuries Resulting from Explosions (DIRE©).
  • Software Development and Modeling. APT develops software using documented processes based on SEI CMM. User friendly tools developed by APT include Range Test Scheduling System, SAFER, Ground Risk Model, Debris Risk Assessment, and DIRE (Analysis of Death and Injuries Resulting from Explosions to provide personnel protection). Other capabilities include test planning, flight dynamics, and software verification and validation.
  • Industrial & Quality Engineering. APT provides solutions for issues related to product and process design, quality, production planning, and reliability. APT engineers apply state-of-the-art analytical tools to assist our customers with innovative solutions to satisfy their production and
    quality needs.
  • Logistics. APT provides Industrial & Quality Engineering support for the analysis of  global supply chains and distribution systems.  APT develops metrics to monitor the forward and retrograde movement of materiel and to identify bottlenecks impeding the flow of goods.  The APT process improvement philosophy considers the entire supply chain to ensure proposed solutions are feasible, cost-effective, and will achieve the expected results.
  • Training. APT offers professional training at the Safety Engineering & Analysis Center in System Safety, Software System Safety, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Flight Safety, Explosives Safety, IMESAFR software, and SAFER software.

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NAICS Codes: APT is a small business concern, specializing in professional engineering services. We are considered small business under NAICS 541330, for the Military and Aerospace Equipment and Military Weapons ($41.5M size standard) exception.

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