Seaport Past Performance

A-P-T Research, Inc.

APT has performed work in the Functional Areas (FA) shown below during the past three years and will continue to do so in support of our customers:

  • Zone 1 – FA 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.9, 3.18
  • Zone 2 – FA 3.6, 3.9, 3.18
  • Zone 3 – FA 3.9
  • Zone 4 – FA 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, 3.18
  • Zone 5 – FA 3.9
  • Zone 6 – FA 3.2
  • Zone 7 – FA 3.9, 3.18

APT currently provides direct support to numerous Department of Defense (DoD) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) customers in the Functional Areas above. We provide life cycle system support to customers from concept to disposal. We have the expertise and capability to provide all the services described in the Functional Areas to our Seaport customers.

N00178-08-D-5348 FG01 NSWC Indian Head Explosive Safety

Period of Performance: 1/28/2010 – 1/27/2011
Contract Value: $11,000
Contract Type: T&M
Command that Issued: NSWC, Indian Head Division

URS Federal Services, Inc.

N00178-04-D-4042/ D.O. EH03 Team Submarine Enterprise Wide Support Services (EWCSS)

Period of Performance: June 2013 – June 2017
Contract Value: $646M
Contract Type: CPIF, CPFF, FFP, Prime Contract
Command that Issued: NAVSEA PEO SUB Office

N00178-04-D-4042/D.O. FC23

Period of Performance: 02/12/2013 – 02/11/2015
Contract Value: $23,931,035
Contract Type: CPIF/CPFF
Command that Issued: NSWC, Crane

N000178-04-4042/D.O. 19   Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Engineering and Technical Service Support

Period of Performance: 1 May 2010 – 30 August 2015
Contract Value: $64M
Contract Type: CPFF
Command that Issued: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division/Q50

Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Over the past three years Booz Allen Hamilton has provided extensive support as a contractor to the United States Government.  The support Booz Allen has provided ranges over many sectors, divisions and programs of the federal Government.  Booz Allen is capable to support all 22 functional areas of Seaport-e and a comprehensive listing of their supported contracts can be found here: