DOT Competent Authority Approval Services

A-P-T Research Inc. offers DOT competent authority approval services to a wide variety of clients in the explosive industry. As a DOT approved Examining Agency, APT is authorized to perform explosives and other hazardous materials examination services. These services are to determine DOT transportation classification, including proper shipping name, hazard class and division, and compatibility group for explosive substances and articles.

Our commitment to our clients is to work to get hazard classifications right the first time, with sufficient supporting material to ensure a smooth approval process.

APT has five subject matter experts, geographically dispersed throughout the country, who are authorized to witness UN/DOT tests and recommend classifications to DOT. APT has testing capabilities at multiple test sites throughout the country. Our long history of explosives safety/testing has allowed us to develop professional relationships with several test sites/testing laboratories, which have been approved by DOT for APT to use for hazard classification testing. Upon request, a proposal for testing will be provided based on several factors, including hazard classification sought, required testing, nature of the materials, and location of the testing facilities. APT has testing laboratories located throughout the country or our employees can travel to the customer site to witness testing. For more information on obtaining a proposal, click here.

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