Explosives Safety

APT provides the following products and services in the area of explosives safety: Explosives testing, planning and support; Final and Interim Hazard Classification Support; Explosives Site Plan Development/Support; Insensitive Munitions Support; and Site Analyses using the APT developed software tools, Safety Assessment For Explosives Risk (SAFER©), and Institute of Makers of Explosives Safety Analysis for Risk (IMESAFR©); Technical assistance for the analysis of Death and Injuries Resulting from Explosions (DIRE©) software.

SAFER can be used to assess the risks to people and buildings at inhabited building distance, public traffic route, and intraline distance scenarios.

IMESAFR is a probabilistic risk assessment tool used to calculate risk to personnel from explosives facilities.

DIRE analyzes the effects of an explosion by considering overpressure, impulse, building collapse and debris using state-of-the-art consequence modeling.

Insensitive Munitions support includes Threat Hazard Assessment (THA) preparation, preparing test plans, monitoring tests and preparing waiver requests.

Explosives Safety Testing support includes planning, witnessing, data recovery and analysis.

Explosive Site Planning support includes preparation of Explosive QD site plans for submittal to DDESB.  Site plans include personnel protection considerations, barricades and protective construction.

Explosive Hazard Classification (HC) support includes test planning, monitoring, and HC package preparation.  All methods of classification are supported including: by  test, modified test, analogy, not new item, and pre-1980.


  • Prepared final hazard classification reports
  • Developed insensitive munitions threat hazard assessments
  • Planned for explosives hazard classification and insensitive munitions testing
  • Numerous presentations at explosives safety seminars/conferences
  • Organized and presented IM/Hazard Classification Seminar
  • Onsite range/system safety support
  • Monitored explosives testing
  • Prepared explosives test reports
  • Prepare special safety studies



Air Force Safety Center, Yuma Proving Ground, TACOM-ARDEC, NSWC, NFESC, Corps of Engineers, Marines, SciPan, THAAD, GMD, GBI, PAC-3, DDESB.

Download the Explosives Safety Brochure.

APT Point of Contact

John Tatom or Meredith Hardwick, 256.327.3373