Test Planning

APT brings extensive test range experience to the planning and conduct of missile flight testing. APT personnel have planned and conducted tests at all U.S. national ranges, especially Reagan Test Site (RTS) and White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), as well as several international ranges. At APT, missile flight tests are planned by combining knowledge of test requirements (which are documented through our systems analysis work) with constraints imposed by instrumentation and range safety. This planning approach ensures optimum testing.

APT capabilities in the area of flight test planning include Test Requirements Traceability, Test Program Feasibility, Trajectory/Scenario Development, and National Range Universal Documentation System (UDS) Document Development. Areas of range support are Preliminary Hazard Analysis/Risk Assessment, Collision Avoidance and Satellite Risk Assessment, Debris Catalog Development, Test Planning Documentation, UDS, Instrumentation Planning, Data Collection, Safety Tracking, Safety Office Interface/Approvals, and Waiver Development/Coordination.


  • Flowdown of GMD Flight Test Objectives through performance requirements to flight objectives
  • Traceability assessment of early GMD Flight Test Requirements to Tactical Requirements
  • Development of performance requirements documents and test documents
  • Cooperative development of 3-stage GBI trajectory from Meck Island
  • Feasibility evaluation of critical measurements counter measurements flight test scenarios
  • Planning and execution of MDA Ballistic Missile Defense System experiments and flight tests
  • Assessed risk of candidate scenarios from:
    • Flight Termination
    • Payload Malfunction
    • Successful Intercept
    • Collisions with Space Assets
    • Orbital Debris

Range Users Supported

  • Ground-Based Midcourse Defense
  • Space and Missile Defense Command
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • Arrow Interceptor
  • MLRS
  • Hera Target System
  • Anti-Satellite Systems
  • Spaceport Canada

Download the Test Planning Brochure.

APT Point of Contact

Clark Kilgore, 256.327.3373