Hazard Tracking System

Our tailorable, web-based Hazard Tracking System (HTS) software is used to coordinate among organizations the status of hazard mitigation efforts through closure or risk acceptance.



For pricing information, see Implementation Options below, then contact Mike Wesoloski, 256-327-3372, apt-info@apt-research.com.

Utilizing our experience in system safety, we have developed, in cooperation with government agencies, a web-based safety Hazard Tracking System (HTS). APT supports customers with a “proven HTS engine” which serves as a generic starting point for their needs. This initial software provides the basic hazard tracking functionality which covers a majority of customer needs, thus preventing the customer from “reinventing the wheel.”

APT works with the customer to document requirements for their HTS by reviewing customer processes and procedures. After approval of the requirements document, APT implements the new features into the HTS to tailor the system to the customer’s need. When updates are complete, APT can import customer data into the new system, if desired. APT can maintain the system on-site or at our corporate headquarters, as desired. Features of the HTS include:

  • Web-based hosting at APT or at customer site
  • SQL server database
  • Server set-up
  • HTS tailoring
  • Off-site data backup
  • Optional SSL certificate for data encryption
  • Process implementation
  • APT proprietary software with US Government use rights

APT has automated the process of importing data and can do so with cost efficiency. A quote can be provided dependent upon data quantity and format.

Implementation Options

Option 1
Hardware & Software
Option 2
Hardware, Software, & Annual Service (T&M Option)
Option 3
Fixed Price Option
Option 4
Add-on (for customers
with existing APT contract)
Option 5
Software Only
Hardware (server) & set-up

Software (SQL Server, antivirus)

HTS engine tailoring & software set-up

Estimated 350 hours annual administration &technical support

All needed administration & technical support hours
(NTE 35 Users)

Annual administration & technical support add-on:

  • NTE 100 Hours
    $10,000 Fixed Price

  • NTE 200 Hours
    $20,000 Fixed Price

  • NTE 300 Hours
    $30,000 Fixed Price

2 months HTS hosting at APT