Risk Assessments

APT conducts risk assessments for launch systems, explosives, and other inherently hazardous operations. These assessments begin with the standard risk equation

Risk = Likelihood x Consequence

From this basic equation a specific risk equation is derived in mathematical terms to reflect the scientific and probabilistic situation under assessment.

APT has been successful developing risk equations in use today by:

  • Range Commander’s Council
  • Most National Ranges
  • DoD Explosives Safety Board
  • Air Force Safety Center
  • US Army Technical Center for Explosives Safety
  • Naval Ordnance Center
  • Marines Corps Systems Command
  • NATO

Specific risk equations have been developed and used for major national programs including NMD, X-34, X-37 and others.

QRA Models

APT has several models used for conducting quantitative risk assessments.

  • Flight/Range Safety Models currently for internal use; soon to be commercially available: DebRA
  • Explosives Safety Models used by DoD and NATO: SAFER

APT Point of Contact

Saralyn Dwyer,256.327.3373