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  • IMESAFR v2.1 License ($1,500 USD)

    $1,500.00 USD

    Institute of Makers of Explosives Safety Analysis for Risk (IMESAFR) is a probabilistic risk assessment tool used to calculate risk to personnel from explosives facilities.

    Users will be required to complete the IMESAFR training class to obtain the software license.
    Click here to purchase IMESAFR Training.

  • Hazard Tracking System

    Our tailorable, web-based Hazard Tracking System (HTS) software is used to coordinate among organizations the status of hazard mitigation efforts through closure or risk acceptance.


  • SATT

    Quickly and accurately display and analyze tornado data with SATT. Obtain an analysis of all tornadoes passing within a specified radius of a given location. Tabular and graphical output provided.