APT Process for Obtaining a Recommended Shipping Classification

Class 1 Materials

Classification tests

1. Applicant submits a new request for classification using the Start A New Request page.

  • For substances, please also include manufacturing details, MSDS, and sensitivity data, if available.
  • For articles, please also include article description, detailed drawings, net explosive weight (NEW), gross weight, part number, number of articles per package, package dimensions, and description of packaging materials .

2. APT analyzes information to determine required classification method.

  • APT will review the new request – this process length depends on the type of classification and completeness of information provided.
  • Classification may be obtained from methods that do not require testing.
  • APT will provide estimate indicating classification method to be used.

3. Applicant accepts the estimate and agrees upon classification method as well as testing location.

  • If testing is not necessary, APT will assess the data provided by the applicant and provide a report with the classification recommendation.

4. Receive a tentative shipping classification.

  • If testing is required, APT will issue a tentative shipping classification for the applicant to ship samples to the test laboratory.
  • The tentative shipping classification will be determined from analysis of information provided.

5. Applicant ships the sample(s) to the address specified in agreement with APT.

  • To begin the shipping process, please contact Darlene Davenport at (256) 327-4018 or submit a shipping request.  A Bill of Lading must be sent to APT three days prior to sample delivery.
    • For a sample that already has a shipping classification, follow the shipping instructions of that classification.
    • For a tentative shipping classification, follow the shipping instructions in 49-CFR 173.56 (d).
    • For special permit DOT-SP-8451 (previously exemption DOT-E-8451), follow the shipping instructions for that exemption.  (This special permit authorizes the transport of not more than 25 grams of certain class 1 materials in a special shipping container).
    • For all other classifications, follow shipping instructions in 49 CFR 173.56 (e).

6. APT will test the sample according to the estimate provided and any subsequent coordination.

  • A timeline for testing will be coordinated in advance.
  • A test report and recommended shipping classification letter will be issued to the customer after completion of testing.

7. Submit the entire package to DOT per 49 CFR.

  • Follow the instructions on the recommended shipping classification letter.
  • Submit to the DOT the entire package which was submitted to APT, including the report and recommended shipping classification letter.
  • DOT will issue an EX number.

APT Point of Contact

Don Robinson, 256.327.3373
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